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A 10.000 miles walk starts with a first step. We, from Viseu Publishing House, believe that the first step for becoming a successful author is doing a professional evaluation of your work.

All successful writers started being anonymous. We know that is how it works and that is why we offer a free evaluation for original work received in Viseu, all of them with professionalism and dedication, analyzing all with no prejudgement of any kind.
Viseu Publishing House is specialized in publishing independent contemporary authors, being currently one of the publishing houses that grows faster in the market.
That way, if you wish to have your original work piece analyzed, you can send it to Viseu Publishing House. Our editorial council will be available to carefully read it, and if compatible with our line of work, we won’t hesitate in putting an offer  from publishing house to author! Interested or not in editing the original received, we will always stay in touch to communicate abou tour decision.
The deadline for analysing each original is 10 days, counting from the date received.
Together with the original, the author must send a brief biography and a phone contact.
In case you prefer, it is possible also to send your material through the form below.

P.S.: Maximum supported file size: 8 MB. For larger files, e-mail us the file.


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